RoboCup 2019

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Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport of The Slovak Republic

Town Liptovský Mikuláš

Secondary School of Polytechnics Liptovský Mikuláš

Slovak Society of Electronics




in building and programming robots

for primary and secondary schools

RoboCup Junior 2019





Liptovský Mikuláš

March27 th – 29 th 2019

E V E N T   I N F O R M A T I O N

24th annual contest in building and programming robots

for primary and secondary schools


Contest goals: development of free-time activities, creativity, knowledge, and skills of young generation in the area of construction and programming of automation and cybernetics systems and control of technological processes.

Contest organizer:

Ministry of Education of The Slovak Republic

Slovak Society of Electronics

Town Liptovský Mikuláš, Robotika SK

Contest director:

Miro Kohút,  (0905/ 521 989)

Local organizer:

Secondary School of Polytechnics

Demänovská 669, 03101Liptovský Mikuláš

Organizing committee:

Ing.Stanislava Červeňová, Ing. Pavol Bahník, Ing. R.Gaži, RNDr. J.Mintál, L.Krošlák, Mgr. Stanislav Slačka,  M. Šuppa

Head of Jury:

Mgr. Pavel Petrovič, PhD. (0915/ 772 685)


March 27 th  – 29 th  2019


Secondary School of Polytechnics Liptovský Mikuláš



Contest categories:


1. Building robot from a robotic set (participants bring their own) to solve a specific task

2. Robotic Hand




RoboCup Junior:

·        Soccer - Open League with orange ball

·        Soccer - Light weight with electronics ball

·        Rescue Line

·        Rescue Maze

·        CoSpace Rescue – simulated version

·        Dance


Participants in all categories can come either from the primary or secondary schools, they will be evaluated separately. The same age limits as in the international competition have to be respected.


In the category Construction, the teams will build, program, and debug/test their robot using their own robot construction set (its type is not limited) so that the robot will satisfy the requirements of the task specified after the contest will start.


The scoring will be announced at the start of the contest and the Jury will take into account the differences of the construction sets used, if needed..


In the DRON category the teams will build program for a fluing robot. He has to climb to  a height of 1m, he stayed there for 15 seconds and landed at starting point, respectively landed to  a predetermined location. 


The RoboCup Junior categories will be evaluated in two separate age categories:

·Primary: teams in which all the members have up to 14 years (including; decisive date of birth is June 30th, team with a member born before June 1st  is considered as seconday) 

·Secondary: teams in which all the members have between 14 to 19 years (including; the same decisive date is applied). Note that including a team member older than 19 years is a violation of the international rules.


Competiton will be run according to international rules (  with some restrictions/adjustments. The only change is in the duration of robotic Soccer games. These will last 2 x 5 minutes.


Winning teams from Slovakia in the RoboCup categories advance to
the RoboCup World Championship
held in Sydney, Australia, July 2nd – July 9th 2019


Preliminary tourament schedule:

Wednesday, March 27th 2019

by 12:00 - arrival, on-site registration, accommodation“

13:00 - Opening ceremony

13.30 Construction,Roboticshand, training RoboCup

19:00 - Construction - Robotic runs

20:00 – Meeting of mentors and Jury

Thursday, March 28th 2019

9:00 - Soccer, Rescue Line

10:00 - Rescue Maze, Dron

14:00 - Dance, Rescue, Soccer

20.00 - final matches and presentations

Friday, March 29th2019

8:00 - award ceremony

10:00 - departure


The time schedule is subject to change and any changes will be announced in advance.





Registration link is provided at the contest organizer


The registration fee for all categories is 0,- €.


The fee for accommodation is 46 €  per person (2x 23€), payable by bank transfer to the account in UniCredit Bank, account number: 6601031002 /1111, include the school ZIP code in the payment details. IBAN: SK44 1111 0000 0066 0103 1002,  SWIFT (BIC):UNCRSKBX.



Other important information:


Every participant (or their parents) have to agree with publishing photographic materials, construction details of their models, and programs used in their robots in order to allow other teams to continue and thus foster development of even better designs, programs, sensors, and technologies.


Every team should bring their own robotic construction set for the category construction or their own robot for the RoboCup categories.


The number of teams per school is not limited. The number of members in team is not limited. A team may participate in multiple categories, however, they should have enough man-power not to make trouble in the time schedule.


Contest will be held at Secondary School of Polytechnics in Lipt. Mikuláš


There will be food starting lunch March27th ending breakfast March 29th.


Accommodation for participants will be provided at the same school in student dormitory arranged as a hostel.


The organizing committee has the right to make modifications in the time schedule as needed. The local organizers will provide the accommodation, and meals in the school canteen, the venue, and the contest arenas for the registered participants. Registration is open until midnight on March 24, 2019.


Shall any material loss be caused by improper behavior of the participants, they will have to be refunded. The organizer does not take the responsibility for the personal items and equipment of the participants.